Make your Deposit


Secure your surgery date by making a deposit.. Balance of the surgery package will be due at arrival to the Medical Facility. Use our secure PayPal link below to make your Deposit"

Please Note* All deposits are final, non refundable, and are subject to a 3% transaction charge at checkout. To avoid any confusion, The paypal transaction will reflect our legal business name "SafeMedTrav" on your statement.

FAQs about your deposit

Question: Can I get my deposit refunded? 

Answer: No, all deposits are final

Question: What if I need to reschedule my surgery date, will I lose my deposit?

Answer: You can reschedule your surgery for any reason, and you will not lose the value of your deposit. 

Question: Can I use this as a tax write off?

Answer:    You may be able to write it off as a medical expense, however we cannot advise you regarding tax/accounting matters. We strongly suggest that you consult with your tax consultant or CPA. 

Question: How do I make my deposit?

Answer:   You can do so online via pay pal or you can call to have your payment processed over the phone using a major credit card or debit card.