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Safe Med Travels offers you a network of talented Physicians to choose from at competitive pricing when it comes to weight loss, Dentistry and Cosmetic enhancements abroad.

Don't take risks with your health by entrusting your life to less experienced surgeons. You deserve the best!

We have taken measures to ensure that our surgeons are experienced and board certified because your safety and satisfaction are important to us. If you are ready to move forward with improving your health send a text to 872-400-5592 for immediate response.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

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Dr. Sergio Verboonen

Dr. Verboonen is well versed in weight loss procedures and revision surgeries with over 20 years of experience! Entire families have been helped to live healthier lives as a result of his expertise

Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez

With his warm bed side manner yet professionalism, this surgeon will walk you through your first steps toward a healthier you. 

Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Anthony Robins

Looking to tone and tighten your body after weight loss?

Or maybe you just want to turn the clock back a few years to when you were young and fresh, book today and start the time machine!